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Tax Accountants In Tampa, Florida

We here at Apex Advisor Group are a team of highly qualified professionals that have over 40+ years of combined experience in the tax, accounting, insurance and financial services industry.

Putting the clients’ needs first has always been the Apex Advisor philosophy and has helped us create a reputation of honesty, integrity and trust with our clients and our community. We strive to increase financial literacy and awareness for all our clients and our community.

carlos rosario

Carlos Rosario

With over 20+ years of tax preparation and being in the accounting industry, Carlos Rosario has established himself as an industry leader that is actively involved in the community.

Carlos prides himself in always putting the clients success and satisfaction above all else. He has committed himself to continue to educate the community of all the tax law changes and updates and to stay engaged with his clients year round, not just during tax season. In addition, his offices offer a full suite of financial products designed to help our clients build, grow, and maintain their wealth.

Carlos is committed to helping clients achieve financial awareness and to offer solutions to create wealth for his clients and their families. From tax planning to retirement services, he is committed to assist his clients and the community every step of the way.

carlos rosario

Jennifer Colon

Jennifer Colon has been in the tax and accounting industry since 2010. Jennifer began her career as a front office receptionist for a busy tax office located in Miami, Florida. With a passion for growth and a pride to help others, Jennifer quickly climbed the ladder and became one of the top performing professionals in the company.

With 10 years of experience in the tax industry, Jennifer specializes in a variety of financial planning solutions including tax planning, individual and corporate tax preparation, audits, and reviews as well as health insurance and credit restoration. She uses her expertise to achieve her clients financial growth goals.

Jennifer has joined Apex Advisor Group with a hunger for opportunity and a vision to increase her clientele and ensure satisfaction in every client that she speaks to while offering a variety of services to satisfy clients financial needs.

carlos rosario

Eddia Rosario

My name is Eddia Rosario and I am proud to be part of the Apex Advisor Group! I have been in the tax and accounting industry for over 11 years. I have managed large tax offices that generated over 1 million dollars in revenue, managed over 100 tax preparers located all over the united states plus their satellite offices. With all this experience it has also allowed me to interact with thousands of tax clients with various scenarios, from tax audits, identity theft, amending tax returns, while providing financial education to my clients so they can be better prepared for their future. My goal now is to continue to provide and offer my expertise to our new Tampa location.

Additionally my next level of evolution is to offer individuals the opportunity to become professional tax preparers, business owners, and see continued growth in the tax industry. I was a call center operations manager prior to becoming an entrepreneur with zero experience in this tax industry until a mentor reached out to me and said `You can do this!`. I decided to take a risk on myself and so happy that I made that decision 11 years ago. So my friend, if you are interested in a tax and accounting home or office business, I would love to extend my support and guidance to you as well.

Many of life`s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. There’s nothing worse than the regret that you could have kept going but chose not to; there’s no greater success than knowing that you pushed through and challenged yourself and earned your victory.

carlos rosario

Stephane Calixte

With over 10 years of tax preparation experience, Stephane started his career as a tax preparer for CBT Tax Services where he quickly became the tax office manager. He was trained and helped train countless Tax Preparers by guidance of his long time mentor who has over 21 years of proven experience in the Tax World.

Stephane is also currently part of TSG (Tax Services group), a company with their own learning platform that is dedicated on changing the way individuals that want to learn and start their own Tax Preparation business. With this program individuals can learn at their own pace with on demand access to the curriculum.

With a vision to provide the best Tax Preparation in the industry, Mr. Calixte has partnered with Apex Advisor Group to elevate the level of professionalism, trust of tax preparation. With his expertise and level of commitment he offers a detailed tax preparation experience with peace of mind to all his clients.

carlos rosario

Carlos Alberto Muñoz

As a registered tax preparer, Carlos Muñoz specializes in his client’s financial well being. He uses his decade long experience to minimize taxes, and therefore obtaining the best financial result for his clients. Carlos also takes pride in his transparency and honesty. As an active member in the Tampa business community he is growing his business by providing the best, most accurate and fastest service possible. You can find him available year round at Apex Advisors for your peace of mind.

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