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Apex Advisor Group is here to help you understand credit and learn how the major credit bureaus often have inaccurate or out of date information that are hurting your credit profile.

Questionable negative items are hurting your credit and removing them can improve your score.



Remember when we were kids in school and were graded by homework and in class assignments? No one taught us about credit! Well, as adults, we’re now graded by our spending and repayment habits. Believe it or not, credit reports contain errors that can harm your credit score. There are laws in place to protect us from this. We make sure your credit report contains true and accurate information and we teach you the latest tips and tricks on maintaining a healthy and positive credit score.

In order for us to get your score to it’s healthiest number, we provide you with a private credit analysis, we contact your creditors for you and we dispute inaccuracies on your credit profile. You will NOT have an 850 credit score over night. It took you some time to get to this point and it will take you some time to grow from this point.

We have dedicated ourselves to be leaders in the industry by maintaining up to date knowledge on recent laws, statutes, and credit reporting practices. We also know what affects your credit score the most and we know how to help you take advantage and grow your credit score.



  • What is Credit Restoration?
  • Is Credit Restoration Legitimate?
  • How long does the process take?
  • Why does credit restoration take months?
  • What can you dispute?
  • What do I need to sign up?
  • Do I still owe the debts you get deleted?
  • Do you pay referrals?
  • How much are your services?
  • What other services do you offer?

Credit restoration is a way to “repair” or delete some of your bad credit history to improve your overall credit score. This is done by disputing the information on your credit report. Through the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you have the legal right to dispute any information on your report. Then, the credit reporting agencies and your creditors have 30 days to investigate and either verify it as correct or remove the disputed marks until they can be verified.

Companies that offer to help you remove incorrect information from your credit report are legitimate. Companies that promise to increase your credit score by falsely disputing valid marks on your report are not.

The time it takes to repair your credit can vary widely, depending on several factors – from how many mistakes you have to fix to what you want to accomplish once your credit is fixed. Everyone’s credit profile is different and responses from credit bureaus are different. However, in general, credit repair takes about three to six months to resolve all the disputes that the average consumer needs to make.

Remember your credit wasn’t ruined overnight, to get to this point has been a process. Aside from allowable bureau response time increasing to different bureau responses and several other factors, the best approach to take to this method is patience.

We specialize in the remove of bankrupticies, repossessions, charge offs, collections, late payments, medical debts, inquiries and incorrect personal information. We send challenges of verification to the bureaus and we send validation letters straight to the creditors to attack the negative items on both ends.

Select your preferred service package and you’ll receive an email confirmation within 24-48 hours with your client portal creation. You’ll also need to register to a credit monitoring service that is compatible with our software. NOTE* Credit Karma is not compatible with our software. You will need to sign your client agreement and upload your license and utility bill.

Great question. It is important to note that getting these debts removed from your credit report does not make the debt disappear forever nor do they act as if they never happened. We always recommend settling the debt upon removal to prevent the debt from being sold to another collection agency.

WE LOVE REFERRALS! We pay $25 per referral once the consumer enrolls.

Please visit our plans pricing page.

Credit Repair is our passion but our foundation is taxes.

We offer credit restoration services, credit counseling, tax preparation services, tax advisory services, notary services and more